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I will be posting knives for each show as they are finished on this page. 
 870-845-5173. or e-mail

Note: I have been having trouble with my website and my e-mail, so if you send me a e-mail
I may not get it. So if you don't get a reply you might try calling or Text me. 870-845-5173.
If you see something for the show you want, contact me and reserve it.


October 12th
Fisk Micro Show.

Field Grade hunter:
The Blade is  5" long and 10" overall
 the handle is Quilted  Maple.
Stainless fittings

Vaquero Hunter:
5-1/4"  Random Damascus Blade. 10-1/2" overall. The handle is White Oak.
The guard is 416 stainless I have engraved.

Bowie Hunter: 5-1/2" "W" Pattern Damascus Blade. 10" overall.
This Hunter features my Spindle guard of 416 stainless I have engraved.
The handle is Walrus Ivory.

Arkansas Razorback: 8-1/2" Transition Damascus Blade. 13-1/2" overall. Stamped Arkansas Living Treasure.
The guard is 416 Stainless I have engraved with 24K Gold , Fine Silver & Copper.
The Handle is Walrus Ivory.

Arkansas Razorback:  "W" pattern Damascus Blade.  Stamped Arkansas Living Treasure.
The guard is 416 Stainless I have engraved Olive branch with 24K Gold.
The Walrus Ivory grips on stainless steel frame.







Oct. 25-29 Intro to Blade smithing class. Old Washington

Arkansas Living Treasure 2007

Best Art knife Little Rock 2007

Best of Show Award Little Rock 2007

Best Giraffe bone handle design Little Rock 2006

Best Utility Hunter Award Atlanta GA. 2006

Best Hand Made award for utility hunter overall for 2006

Best Bowie award Dallas TX. 2005

Best Fixed Blade award  Dallas TX. 2000

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