J.R. Cook  ABS Master -Smith
Arkansas Living Treasure

I was designated  by the Arkansas Heritage Commission as the Arkansas Living Treasure for my work in the traditional art form. The ceremony was in May of 2007.
I am taking orders on  the ALT stamped knives. There will be less than 12 made each year. They will be numbered and dated.
As with all of my knives  the ALT model will have the Registration certificate.
If you would like to place an order for an ALT stamped knife, simply send me an e-mail or call me at 870-845-5173 and place your order.
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This is a link to a video of JR Cook Arkansas Living Treasure
Click here to play video.
Here is some of them I have completed in the past.

ALT # 2 2007 Damascus and Iron wood.

ALT # 3   2007 Damascus and Mammoth Ivory
The blade is 7-3/4"

ALT # 5 2007 Damascus and Blackwood
The Blade is 4-5/8"

ALT No number. 2007 This is my knife and is marked so on the guard
It is the only ALT that is not numbered.
All ALT knives made for me will not be numbered, just the year date will be stamped on the knife.
The blade is 10-1/4" the handle is maple.

ALT # 1 2008   Damascus and Iron wood

ALT # 2 2008   Damascus blade with Mammoth Ivory on Iron frame and fittings.

ALT # 3 and # 4  2008 Damascus Camp knives

ALT # 6 2008  Damascus with Mammoth and Walrus  Ivory handle

Arkansas Tooth Pick Double edge. ALT #7 2008

Musso Bowie : ALT # 5 2009

Cowboy-up Bowie

ALT # 7 2009

Razorback ALT # 8 2009

Here are the ALT 9' from 2007,2008 & 2009

ALT 3- 2010

ALT 5-2010 The Carrigan Bowie: The blade is 6-1/2" and is 10-1/2" overall.

ALT # 6-2010
The Blade is 11-1/4" and it is 16-1/2" overall. The grip is African Black Wood and the fittings are nickel silver.

ALT 9- 2010   Arkansas Living Treasure
The blade is 1084 & 15N20, 10.5 inches (15.5 OAL) and it weighs 1.6 lbs. Fittings are iron and acid engraved with gold overlay and the handle features a most unusual piece of elephant ivory

2012 , ALT #1

The blade is 10" Feather Damascus and the handle is Walrus Ivory. The fittings are Damascus trimmed with fine silver.

2012- ALT #4
This is my first engraving.

2012 ALT #7

Hidalgo : the Blade is Transition Damascus. and is 12-1/2" long and 15-3/4" overall.
The handle is Walrus Ivory I have carved.
The top section of the blade is 800 layers of tear drop pattern, the bottom section is 600 layers of "W" pattern.


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